Our company

Who are we?

The team of Kaichi Travel consists of 3 people. All three of us like to travel. Because of our interest in nature, passion for Altai, and wide travel experience we started our tour company.

​We are keen on Altai, its nature, its history, local customs and traditions. We have been travelling in Altai for more than 20 years and know it like the back of our hands. We are full of fun facts and serious stories about the region. And we are really happy and proud when we can share our knowledge and show this amazing corner of the world to other people.

How do we work?

We are not a big travel company and we do not pretend to be. Moreover, we consider it as an advantage. We ourselves create ideas of the trips and design itineraries, make agreements with locals and provide all the equipment. We are together with our guests from the initial contact, giving all information and recommendations, till the last day of the trip, being guides, cooks and drivers. Most tours we do ourselves, but occasionally it is possible that you will get a like-minded guide. We always do what we promise and we always say what we will do.  Here you can find 10 reasons why join us.

Why did we take such name?

We took the name “Kaichi travel” not without reason. Kaichi is a story-teller who tells epic legends and a heroic epos about Altai. We would like to tell the story of Altai to the whole world by showing the nice people who live in Altai, the pristine nature and the astonishing views of the landscapes during our adventure and nature tours.

Concert of Kaichi


Our travel company is officially registered in Russian Federation. State registration number is 1162225050900.

According to the Russian law, every tour operator should have liability insurance and should be included in the Federal Register of Tour Operators. The register number of Kaichi Travel is PTO 016808. Following the link of the number, you can get to the official site of Rostourism.

Concert of Kaichi

Kaichi Travel

Adventure travel, nature tours to Altai – one of the most beautiful places in Siberia.

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