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1. Niche expertise

We organize trips to one destination – Russian Altai. It is the part of the world we know and love best. We are aware of all its peculiarities – quality of roads, weather conditions, groceries’ assortment and we have a lot of acquaintances and friends here.

2. Uniquely designed trips

You will not find the same trip at any other tour company. All our tours are unique. The itineraries are the result of 20 years’ travel experience. Every place is many times visited, the distance and time are exactly calculated, the day is balanced in driving, walking and free time, every wrinkle is ironed out.

3. Three travel styles

All our trips unite observing nature, learning local culture and spirit of adventure. Depending what element prevails, we designed 3 travel styles: Nature, Culture and Adventure. They also differ in the level of comfort, so you can choose the trip which ideally fits you.

4. International presence

Two members of our team live in Russia (Altai krai) and one in the Netherlands. So we keep our fingers on the pulse in the region of our travels and are easy to contact in Europe.

5. Small groups and flexibility

Our groups never have more than 9 guests. It guarantees you more personal wildlife encounter, comfort group atmosphere and individual attention from us. This also means that we are very flexible. In case of opportunities we can change our day schedule in consultation with the group.

6. Legitimacy and money protection

We conduct business in accordance with Russian federal law. Our company is officially registered and included in the Russian Single Federal Register of Tour operators, register number is PTO 016808. You can check it in Official Rostourism site. Your money in travel is safe with us, it is protected by our liability insurance.

7. Fixed and transparent price

There is nothing secretive or hidden in our tour price. It is fixed in the contract and includes all the costs while travelling. From the minute we meet you at the airport till we see you off you will not need spending money. Only if you want to buy nice local souvenirs.

8. Safety and quality

We have high-quality camping equipment and comfortable safe cars. The cars are in good condition and pass full technical maintenance before and after every trip. We use only fresh and qualitative products for meals. A first-aid kit and a satellite phone are always with us.

9. Care of the environment

We organize our tours with conservation and the environment in mind. We spend a big part of our tours travelling through pristine areas where human presence is minimal. We are careful to take all the rubbish away with us (even not ours), not to use detergents and try to leave no trace we have been there.

10. Respect the locals

We care for and respect the local people. We try to create additional benefits to the local community by purchasing products and services, using local accommodations, visiting small museums, buying hand-made goods and souvenirs.

Kaichi Travel

Adventure travel, nature tours to Altai - one of the most beautiful places in Siberia.

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