Познакомьтесь с Монголией

Узнайте древние традиции

Полюбуйтесь беркутами

Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia

Adventure & Expeditions

7 days/ 6 nights



980 Euro

Start & Finish


Group size

from 4 to 6 participants


We will travel several hundred kilometers to the east, and will be transported several hundred years back in time. Mongolia: here time has slowed down, and people have remained faithful to ancient traditions.

One of these traditions is hunting with golden eagles. Every year at the beginning of autumn, the best hunters of Western Mongolia come to together to show their skills and perfect obedience of their huge eagles. The Golden Eagle Festival is an incredibly spectacular event.

Just imagine: you are standing in the center of the Mongolian steppe, surrounded by velvet hills under a blue incredibly low sky, real warriors in fox fur coats and gold-embroidered suits are galloping towards you at full speed, and golden eagles are proudly sitting on their raised hands, spreading their huge wings. Very impressive! It’s no wonder that tourists and photographers from all over the world come here. The hunters themselves with golden eagles, or as they call themselves – berkutchi, are very open, friendly and happy to pose. 

We will spend two full days at the festival, watching how golden eagles fly to their owner on command or demonstrate hunting skills. The day before the festival we will visit the berkutchi and his family. You will be able to talk to him personally, hold the golden eagle on your hand and, of course, take exclusive photographs.

 As a bonus to our tour – you will see incredible autumn landscapes of the Russian Altai. We will go during the most beautiful time of golden autumn, when the larches light up bright yellow, the rivers turn turquoise, the air is absolutely transparent, and the tops of the mountains are already covered with snow. Of course, we will make stops in the most picturesque places so you can make great pictures.

Brief itinerary

Day 1. Golden autumn in Altai

We will meet you at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk, have breakfast together and set off on our journey along the incredibly beautiful autumn Chuysky tract. We will definitely stop at the Seminsky and Chika-Taman passes, the Katun terraces, the confluence of the Chuya and Katun, and the observation deck in the Kurai steppe. For the night we will stay at a hotel in Kosh-Agach.

If you arrive in Gorno-Altaisk a day earlier, please let us know and we will arrange a transfer.

Accommodation: hotel (2-, 3-bed rooms, facilities in the room or on the floor) | Meals: breakfast, lunch | By car: 475 km

Day 2. Crossing the border to Ölgii

Immediately after breakfast we will leave for the border checkpoint. Crossing the border will take us at least several hours, and sometimes it can last the whole day. Mongolia will greet us with harsh landscapes, plush hills without vegetation and saucers of bright blue lakes in intermountain basins. The distance to Ölgii from the border is 150 km, this is a real highland. The road goes through a pass which is 2650 meters high. If we quickly go through customs and have time, we’ll stop by the observation deck, which offers views of entire Ölgii and the bends of the picturesque Khovd River. In the evening we will settle into a yurt camp, walk around the city of Bayan- Ölgii, and exchange rubles for tugriks.

Accommodation: yurt (4-5 beds, toilet and shower in a separate building next to the yurt) | Meals: breakfast, lunch | By car: 200 km

Day 3. Visit to the Berkutchi's family

First we will have breakfast in the yurt, after that we will go to visit the family of a golden eagle hunter. You will spend most of the time with hospitable hosts, see how they live, can ask all the questions about training of eagles and how they hunt. Lunch with national dishes will be served for you in the yurt. In the evening we will return to our yurt camp.

Accommodation: yurt (4-5 beds, toilet and shower in a separate building next to the yurt) | Meals: breakfast, lunch | By car: 100 km

Day 4. First day of the Festival

After breakfast we will go to the festival. It is located approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Ölgii. We will introduce you to the program, show you the main venues and lunch place. Often other events take place simultaneously with hunter competitions. The festival also features a large fair of souvenirs and national household items. During the day, you can independently move around the festival, choose sites that interest you and the best locations for photos. At lunch time we will be waiting for you for the lunch in the appointed place.

Accommodation: yurt (4-5 beds, toilet and shower in a separate building next to the yurt) | Meals: breakfast, lunch | By car: 75 km

Day 5. Second day of the Festival

Just like yesterday we will be today again at the Festival site. As a rule, in addition to the main hunting competition, other spectacular competitions are held. For example, kokpar (goat pulling) – a fight for the carcass of a goat or a competition of horsemen, the most dexterous must be the fastest to pick up a small object from the ground while galloping. The most popular game among spectators is kyz-kuu, where a guy must catch up with a girl at a gallop and kiss her, and if he fails, the girl catches up with him and hits him with a whip.

The exact program will be announced closer to the event dates.

Accommodation: yurt (4-5 beds, toilet and shower in a separate building next to the yurt) | Meals: breakfast, lunch | By car: 75 km

Day 6. Return to Russia

We get up early and will have breakfast. After breakfast we go to the border. If customs procedures do not take much time, we will visit interesting locations in the Chuya steppe and take beautiful photographs. We will stop for the night in the village of Kurai with a view of the majestic North Chuysky ridge.

Accommodation: guest house (3-bed rooms, shower, toilet in the room) | Meals: breakfast, lunch |By car: 250 km


Day 7. And again Chuysky tract

Return journey along the picturesque Chuysky tract. If you have an evening flight, we will bring you to the airport. If the flight is the next day, we will take you to the hotel or guesthouse you have booked. (Accommodation on this day is not included in the price).

Accommodation: – | Meals: breakfast, lunch |By car: 400 km



To travel to Mongolia you need a foreign passport. A visa is not required for trips of less than 30 days.

Due to weather conditions or other circumstances, changes may be made to the program by replacing excursions with equivalent ones.


On the territory of Russia – in Kosh-Agach and Kurai – we will stay in a hotel/guest house with 2-, 3-bed rooms and amenities in the room or on the floor. In Mongolia we will live in a real yurt camping. Yurts with a stove are designed for 4-6 people. Modern toilet and shower in a separate building on site, a few steps from the yurts.

Level of training

Level of training – average. The program includes short walks. During the festival, we will provide lightweight folding stools so that you can relax anywhere.


The tour price includes breakfast and lunch. We will have dinner at local restaurants, you can choose your favorite Mongolian and Kazakh dishes. The average bill for a hearty dinner is 400-700 rubles. Moreover, the dishes are simply gigantic by Russian standards.


Air temperature can vary from +15 to -10 °C. During the day, the sun can warm the air well, and in the evening frosts are possible. Therefore, you need to take multi-layered clothes and warm shoes. There is a possibility that there will be snow already.


Mercedes Vito minivan or similar. Depending on the condition of the roads, a trip to visit the berkutchi can be organized in an UAZ.


Cost: 98,000 rub./person. from Gorno-Altaisk
Prepayment: 25,000 rub./person.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation (hotels/guest houses, yurt camping)
  • Meals (2 times a day: breakfast and lunch)
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Guide services (Russian, English, German)
  • Golden Eagle Festival Entrance Ticket
  • Excursions according to the program

Not included in the price:

  • Air or train tickets to Gorno-Altaisk
  • Insurance
  • Personal items (souvenirs and other personal items you might want to buy)
  • Alcoholic drinks

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