Safety rules

While travelling in the mountains, you will become part of our team, and the spirit of the whole group depends on the behavior of every member.

Please make sure that you understand our rules completely. They are not difficult but will make sure each individual will have a nice and safe trip.

Basic rules of conduct during our trips:

  1. Please comply with all requirements and instructions of the crew, especially during the passage of difficult and dangerous areas, follow the instructions of the crew
  2. Do not walk alone or leave the group without notifying a member of the crew.
  3. Smoking in cars and tents is prohibited.
  4. Don’t make fires on your own without coordination with the crew.
  5. Do not throw anything on the ground and do not write on rocks and trees.
  6. Don’t eat anything you don’t know like wild berries, plants, mushrooms, other things which are not known to you, in case necessary ask a member of the crew.
  7. Do not cut trees or pick up plants and flowers, respect nature.
  8. Do not swim in the rivers and lakes without asking a member of the crew.
  9. Do not come close to the edges of cliffs and rocks, especially while taking pictures.
  10. Do not come too close to wild animals and birds and do not touch them. They may have illnesses which are dangerous for people.
  11. As we are travelling in nature, please check your body for ticks every night.
  12. Keep yourself protected from the sun – wear a hat, sunglasses and use sunblock if necessary. On high altitudes the sun is very strong and can cause sunburns easily.
  13. In the car:
  • Do not lean out of a window or sunroof while driving.
  • Do not throw anything out of the windows or sunroof.
  1. During stops for excursions, keep together with the group, cross roads with the group and follow traffic regulations.
  2. During daytrips (hiking)
  • Do not use alternative paths, just follow the guide,
  • Do not drop behind the group. If you need to go slower, tell a member of the crew
  • Do not jump over obstacles (stones, old trees), just overstep or walk around if possible.
  • Look where you walk and avoid animal’s (mostly rodents) holes
  • When walking in the forest or bushes, keep distance and warn the person behind you about branches moving back
  1. Be polite, respect tourist, crew and locals and avoid conflict situations during the trip.

 Before the start of the trip we will explain the rules once more, and ask you to sign off that you understand them. Of course, in case of questions, we will answer them.


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