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The major part of our trips takes place in wild, untouched natural areas. We like it to go to places where not many people have been before, looking for the wonders of nature, enjoying the sceneries, seeing wild animals in the natural habitat and capturing all this in photographs or film. Of course, we are only able to do so when we stay in close contact with the locals, taking part in their traditions and are welcomed in their homes as friends. During our trips it is common to discover many new locations and enjoy an adventure as it was meant to be.

Schedule: “Travel Ne Spesha” or Slow Travel

All our trips have one major thing in common, we travel “Ne Spesha” or in English,  “Slow Travel”, which simply means we take the time that is necessary to take that beautiful picture, we take the time to talk a bit longer with that interesting local, eat a bit more of that tasty local food. We will make sure you get home relaxed and full of energy.

1. We minimize time in the car. For one trip, we choose one remote region of Altai.  If there is still a long drive, we break it down into several days.

2. We stay in one place for 2-3 nights. Every evening, unpacking bags, and packing them again in the morning is a very tiring task. It is much more pleasant to stay in a cozy guest house for a couple of days.

3.  We fill the free days between transfers with exciting events – hiking to a glacier, lake or waterfall, watching animals, participating in some original master classes, communicating with local residents. Sometimes we drive by car to some interesting place but for a short distance.

4. We keep in mind that our guests are on holiday, so we do not get up very early and return to the guest houses late. As a rule, we have breakfast at 9.00, start to a new place or start activities at 10.00-10.30. And only if we want to see a super-popular place without crowds of tourists or meet the sunrise, we can offer to leave early in the morning. We return or arrive at a new place at 16.00-17.00, so there is always time to relax, walk around and take pictures.

5. Our trips are not short. Summer tours last 10-14 days, winter – 8-10 days. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to implement all that is said above.


We travel in comfortable 4 WD cars, one of them is a legendary Russian UAZ Bukhanka (Loaf). This car was not designed for comfort, but it is able to overcome any off-road obstacle and can be repaired in every village. We have upgraded the salon and installed modern seats for our guests. All cars are specially prepared for driving on mountainous roads and equipped with the chargers 12 V and 220 V. We drive often on- and off-road so you will be safe during the trips as we are very experienced drivers.


For the night in our Nature and Culture trips we stay in different accommodations – hotels, guesthouses and yurts. In the areas closer to Gorno-Altaisk it is common to have toilet and a shower in the room or shared on the floor. But in remote and wild areas, it can be possible that there are only 2 or 3 houses with 3-5 beds in each. So, be ready to share a room with 2-4 new friends. For washing you will be able to use a Russian banya (sauna) every evening. The toilet in some places is a type of pit latrine.

In Adventure trips we spend some nights in tents, but periodically we also spend a night in houses or yurts where we have a possibility to visit a banya (russian sauna).


We have 3 meals a day.

We usually have breakfasts at the guest houses or hotels where we stay. It can be porridge, pancakes, eggs (boiled, fried), cheese, butter, coffee and tea. Lunch depends on the area we are at the moment. During driving, lunch will be mostly in cafes. If we are in remote areas without cafes or on trekking we will have a picnic in a picturesque place with sandwiches and snacks. Dinner will be in the hotel or guesthouse, sometimes we go to a cafe. For dinner we have a salad and a hot meal – meat with a side dish.

For Adventure tours meals are prepared by our team on woodfire or gas stove.

There is a chance to try local Altaian and Russian food.

Of course if you have special requirements we take them in account, but keep in mind that we are travelling in remote areas, the assortment can be less than what you are used to at home.

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