Siberia – cold frozen tundra with prisons or outstanding travel destination? The most common misconceptions and myths

  Most Europeans have heard about Siberia. But the imagination depicts in the mind images of a...

How argali met Kaichitravel

  During every trip we make to the Altai mountains, we meet a lot of animals, one species is the...

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How to get to Altai? An ultimate guide

Are you considering going to Siberia, maybe you think it is a long and expensive way to get there.
Specially for you we have made an ultimate guide, how to get to the cities where our trips start – Gorno-Altaisk and Barnaul. We’ve described all possibilities – from fast and comfortable to cheap but rather exhausting. It is up to you to choose your way of travelling and join our trips.

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How argali met Kaichitravel

  During every trip we make to the Altai mountains, we meet a lot of animals, one species is the argali – a wild mountain sheep with huge horns, sometimes we see them from very close, sometimes from a distance. Of course we always try to get as close as possible...

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Stray swan has found new home in wildlife in Altai

Swans are not common birds for the south of Altai, nevertheless this year one bird strayed and left for winter on a lake near Kosh-Agach. Kosh-Agach is one of the coldest places in Altai, and the lake started actively freezing in the beginning of December. So, the...

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11 December – International Mountain Day

Mountains… always beautiful, majestic, impressive and sometimes dangerous. You can hardly meet a person who will stay indifferent looking at a mountain landscape. Once you visit the mountains, you just fall in love and dream when you return. Local people, living in...

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How we built the UAZ. Backstage

  In spring 2017 we decided to buy an UAZ 452 Buhanka as our business is growing and we didn’t want to depend on rental cars. UAZ is a Russian 4WD van which has very good off-road characteristics but usually a bit poor and not comfortable interior. So, the idea was to...

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Welcome to our renewed site!

The main goal of our improvements was to make the site faster, more visually inviting and user-friendly! We re-designed it by adding more space and light and it’s got a new and fresher look. We uploaded more pictures from our trips, so you can find the images on every...

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October 23 – International Snow Leopard Day!

This day is committed to raise awareness for the plight of these elusive cats. Snow leopards inhabit primarily remote mountain terrains in 12 countries. The total population in the wild is estimated to be from 4500 to 6000 animals. So, snow leopards are among the most...

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Happy World Tourism Day!

Dear friends!
We congratulate you on World Tourism Day!
We wish you trips full of fantastic emotions and impressions, bright adventures and unforgettable discoveries!

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