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Dec 28, 2023

Winter came very late this year to Altai, only in December. First, it covered the snow-free Kosh-Agach region with a meter-thick layer of snow, and then tested us with frosts of –30–40 °C. But such extreme events are not constant, and we can easily spend a significant part of the winter season outside: skating, snowmobiling, or just walking in the forest. But Altai is mountain land, so the main winter entertainment is alpine skiing and snowboarding! Moreover, the level of ski resorts has grown so much in recent years that it has already become fashionable to go skiing to Altai. In total, there are more than 15 ski resorts in the Altai Republic and the Altai Territory; we will tell you about the most remarkable ones.



Currently, Manzherok is the largest ski resort in Altai. It is just 30 km from Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of Altai Republic. The last years, a lot of new hotels and guesthouses have been built. The main accommodation is a brand new 5 star hotel. In the coming years, Manzherok will become one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Russia. By 2025 new premium hotels are gong to be built, the ski slopes will have a total length of 67 km, so you can really spent the whole day skiing without going the same route twice during that same day.

The ski slopes in Manzherok are created on the mountain Sinyukha. The slopes are well prepared and are maintained very well during the day, if necessary with artificial snow from machines. The highest point where the slopes start is at 1240 m, the height difference in this amazing ski resort is 850 m. In the season of 2023/2024, already 30 km of ski slopes are available for guests. Of course they have a varying level of difficulty (green to black) so all guests can have fun on their own comfort level of winter sports. A modern freestyle park with possibilities to jump or do other tricks like butters or ollies with your snowboard has been built and is available. Of course, everywhere we are writing “skiing” you can also read “snowboarding” if you prefer to do that. On one of the tracks, lights have been installed so that you can enjoy skiing late afternoon or in the evening in the dark till 22:00.

A modern cable lift, with closed cabins, takes you to a height of 1020 meters. Here you can start the winter fun or take the next chairlift which takes you to a height of 1240 m. For the lower slopes a chairlift is available which can take up to 6 people at once. There is a small chairlift for children and beginners.

Height: 1240 m

Length of trails: 30 km.

Heigth difference: 850 m.

Level of slopes: Blue, Red and Black

On the territory of the resort itself there are five-star and three-star hotels. The nearby village of Ozernoye has also turned into a resort. You can find a variety of accommodation options here. If you have your own car, you can choose from dozens of offers in the surrounding villages and on the banks of the Katun. There will be no problems with food in Manzherok either. The hotels have gourmet restaurants, and on site you can find small cafes with quite affordable prices.



In Belokurikha you will find the Blagodat ski complex. This is a nice ski resort that exist already for many years. On Mount Tserkovka, you will find 4 well prepared slopes. A lift will bring you to the top of the mountain. Here you can find a restaurant among other places. 2 slopes start from this point. The slope has a length of 2060 meters and a height difference of 550 m. Another slope is equipped with two rope tows, its length is 850 m with a height difference of 240 m. The slopes have a blue category. If you are tired of skiing, there are plenty of other things to do in Belokurikha and surroundings.

Mishina Gora

Another ski resort, Mishkina Gora, is located in the so-called Belokurikha Gornaya. It began operating in 2018, today it offers two tracks 980 meters long with a height difference of 225 meters, as well as a unique tubing track with turns and slopes 240 meters long. The lifts are ropeway – towing.


Height: 800 m

Length of trails: 6.9 km

Heigth difference: 550 m

Level of slopes: Blue, Red

Mishina Gora

Height: 915 m

Length of trails: 1 km.

Height difference: 225 m

Level of slopes: middle

Belokurikha is a balneological resort. Therefore, there are numerous sanatoriums, hotels and inns located near the highways; you can rent an apartment in the city itself. There is only one hotel operating in Belokurikha Gornaya, but the ski complex is easily accessible from the lower part of the resort.


GLK “Teletski” is located in the taiga part of Altai, where there is always a lot of snow. The trails start at the top of Mount Kokuya, 1386 meters high, and also from stations at 1050 meters and 770 meters. Most have red and blue categories. A distinctive feature of the resort is its long slopes, for example, “Promenade” is 5 km long, and “Fan” is 4 km, the elevation difference on both slopes is 755 m. The total length of the slopes is about 17 km, with another 12 kilometers of slopes under construction.

A double chairlift takes skiers to the top, and a rope tow to the Comfort track. Several places are renting ski equipment, both mountain skiing and cross-country skiing. There are multiple slopes on different levels, so everybody can enjoy himself.

Height: 1386 m

Length of trails: 29 km.

Heigth difference: 850 m.

Level of slopes: Blue, Red

If you are tired of skiing or just want to enjoy lunch, there are multiple restaurants with a nice assortment of food and drinks. You can find them on the top of the mountain, in the middle level and on the lowest level. You can rent a very nice cabin here, at the foot of the mountain and very close to the start of the lifts. You can walk in 5 minutes from your cabin to the first ski lift. It is also possible to stay in Artybash which requires you to drive everyday a few kilometer. Located close to the Teleskoye lake, it is a beautiful place. Other winter sport possibilities that are available in Artybash are renting a snowscooter, go for a walk on snow shoes, or rent the special Altai skis.

How to get to the ski resorts

If you have to come to Altai republic by airplane, the nearest airport to all ski resorts is Gorno-Altaisk. To get to the ski resorts by public transport will be not easy and may take the whole day. Kaichi Travel can organize your transfer to your destination. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hotel or apartment where you will be staying for your winter holiday. Of course we will come to take you again to the airport at the end of your holiday.

Things to do

If you want to have a day of rest in between all the winter fun, we also organize very interesting day trips in Altai. We have ready-made programs, you can find them on this page. We go to the unique ice-free Swan Lake, where more than 1000 whooper swans spend the winter, visit one of the best Altai breweries on a tour, admire the winter Katun River and the sights of Chemal. And, of course, we can prepare an individual program taking into account your interests.


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