Start of the Season

May 2, 2023

Yesterday we visited some places in Altai because of the opening of the tourist season and the blossoming of the Maralnik.

First we went to a bit smaller jaarmarka where mostly handy craft is being sold. Very interesting place with very nice works. Besides there were some entertainments like round dance and other folk events. So, people made a great show together with a lot of fun.

The second place we visited was the Festival «Blossoming of Maralnik». It was much bigger, and a lot of people there. Just like on the first place, here too a lot of different kinds of handy craft was displayed and sold. Furthermore there were several podiums with different styles of music to entertain the people. Next to that, there was a lot of food being sold, from shaslik to ice cream.

 Luckily the weather was very good, really the first warm day in Altai with sun. The Fest «Blossoming of Maralnik» has created the holiday atmosphere, but unfortunately Maralnik is not yet blossoming at all due to cold April. Our Blossoming tour will start at the 6th of May, and we are certain that the Maralnik will be fully blossoming during the trip and we will see the Altai mountains in bloom.


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