End of season 2019

Oct 27, 2019

As every year, the season comes to an end. We are back in the city (with some mixed feelings about that) and can look back on a great summer travel season! We had 7 trips this year, 6 groups again from different countries like Germany, Austria, Great Britain, The US, Belgium, Poland, and 1 scouting trip which we hope will lead to a great new experience next year.

Our year started with preparing for the fairs, we were invited to Dresden by Schulz Active Reisen to take part in their own travelfair. We had a great time there, everything was well organized and we have met old and new guests. The second fair we attended was ITB Berlin, which also this year was a success for us, meeting new people, making new friends and meeting old friends. The third fair on our list is the 4×4 vakantie beurs (4×4 holiday fair), where you can find everything for a 4×4 offroad holiday. The ambiance on this fair is always very nice.

The trips with the guests were outstanding, all people were impressed by the beauty of the Altaian landscapes and liked communication with the friendly local people. Although it seems the summer had more rain than usual, resulting in a greener steppe, more flowers than ever, high water in the rivers and beautiful scenery, we enjoyed every minute of the trips together with our guests. As we travel deep and high into the mountains, we even encountered some snow early July but our German guests only had more fun.

So, now we are preparing for our next season, which will give us some extra challenges as we intend to have a second team so we will do more trips in parallel. Next week we will also publish the trips we will organize ourselves and you are invited to join us if you want.

We would like to welcome you next year at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk and show you all the stunning landscapes and introduce you to the locals, it will be an experience you will never forget!


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