Kaichitravel is officially registered

Apr 15, 2016

Great news!
This week we have filed the request to get into the Russian Single Federal Register of Tour operators. It is legally required to be in the register when you want to organize trips in the Russian Federation.

One of the benefits is that we can create our own invitation letters, which our foreign participants will need to request a visa for the Russian Federation. As a courtesy to our participants, we give them for free.

As we expected there were no problems what so ever and Kaichitravel is now an official tour operator in the Russian Federation. You can check it here. It is required to have a liability insurance when a company wants to register, which of course is a re-assurance for our participants.

Of course, we are very happy with this next step, and are welcoming our first participants. We still have some free seats, so if you are not afraid to camp in the wild nature, if you can survive 12 days without an internet connection, why don’t you send us a message, we will be happy to send you more information and answer all your questions.


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