Time to look back on our 2018 season!

Sep 29, 2018

We are back in Barnaul after a lot of different trips with very nice people.

Guests from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom joined our trips this year and all were very satisfied. As we expected everybody was really impressed by Altai, the mountains, the nature, the friendly and helpful local people, their culture and of course the weather.

All trips were different, some private trips, a trip from a German company, and some FAM trips to see if we can set up new routes for next year(s).

We even found some time to visit new locations by our crew only in order to get new ideas and inspiration for future.

For the coming years we made plans together with our partners to start more tours. That is why from now on you don’t find our own trips with a fixed date. Of course you can contact us when you want to discuss and book a private tour, we can put together an itinerary specially made for you and fulfilling all your wishes about Altai.

The travel season of 2018 has been a great time for us, we enjoyed it very much to show our guests Altai, and of course we appreciated the feedback and happy faces of our guests when they returned home. Best question we got was:  “Do you also have an after trip service how to get back to the Western lifestyle”.





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