Time travel – our new cultural trip for 2017

Jan 29, 2017

Since ancient times Altai mountains have been a historical, cultural, and natural temple for many people and nations. All of them left a mark in Altai’s history which is full of mysteries, world-known discoveries and dizzying achievements.

Our new trip “Altai Heritage” is specially designed to highlight the brightest spots, visiting sites of the great interest, looking at artifacts with one’s own eyes and hear the stories that you are interested in from the locals who live there.

The route covers the territory of Altai krai. We will start and finish in Barnaul, the capital of Altai krai.

Our first destination is the remotest place in history – world-known Denisova cave. A special branch of human evolution was discovered there and was given the name Denisovans. They lived here 40 -50 thousands years ago and according to a bracelet and a needle that has been found – they were more technologically advanced than Homo sapiens or Neanderthals in the same period.

Then our time travel will take us to the 5-6 century BC, the time of the highly developed but almost unknown Scythian civilization. Real masterpieces of golden jewelry and skillfully decorated household items were found in their frozen tombs.

We will find ourselves in the 17th century when we visit to the Old-Believers home. They moved to the secluded corners of Siberia separating from the official Russian Orthodox Church and have kept living in a traditional way for centuries. 

Zmeinogorsk city will show us the great technical achievements of the 18-19th century when it was the major supplier of gold and silver in Russia and one of the largest metallurgical centers in the world. We will visit the Kolyvan stone-cutting factory, a functioning enterprise with a legendary history. Kolyvan vases that were produced in the 19th century are shown as masterpieces in famous museums throughout the world these days.

Although we will teleport with very big steps through the history of Altai, we will take the time to enjoy the delightful landscapes of the Altai highlands every day. Special hikes to the most fascinating places will show you the Altai nature in all its beauty.

Have a look at itinerary and trip details and join us!


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