We are back!

Dec 26, 2022

Hi, We are BACK!

As we all know, the last few years were not really the best for everybody.

So, we took this time to move from Altai Krai to the Altai republic, which means that we are closer to the area where we like to travel.

Jaap even moved from the Netherlands to Siberia.

But now we are back, we developed some new trips, checked our existing trips and updated them where necessary.

We decided to implement the “Slow Travel” way of traveling, although we actually already were doing that. We just made it a bit clearer for our guests that that is the way we travel. Giving our guests more than enough time to enjoy their holiday, to talk to interesting locals just longer, to have the time to make that fantastic photos and to relax more. In the end, it is still your holiday. We ourselves also don’t like it to run around during a holiday. We prefer to take the time we need to see everything. We like to make a lot of pictures. We also like it to talk to local people wherever we are, it is always interesting and often they can tell you a lot of small stories you never would find anywhere else.

Traveling this way, we will offer you a diverse range of trips, short and long, culture, adventure or combinations of that. All trips are very interesting for Russian people and for foreigners.

So, we are not going to promise you, that you will see the whole of Altai in 1 trip because that is simply impossible.


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