2021: it will become easier to come to Altai

Feb 18, 2020

From January 1, 2021, an electronic visa will be introduced for the entry of foreign citizens to all regions of Russia. Nowadays it is possible to use e-visa only for a visit to 3 regions – Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Far East territories – for a period not more than 8 days. A new e-visa in 2021 will be for 16 days maximum single entry and universal, with it you can travel in all Russia’s regions and enter both for tourist and business purposes.

For the issue of an all-Russian electronic visa you will need to make an application on the official site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia and get a visa in your email, print it or just have it in your smartphone. No vouchers, confirmations from hotels, financial documents are needed. The visa fee is not yet determined, but officials promise that it will cost not more than $ 50.

The average duration of our tours to Altai is 14 days, so starting from 2021 you can join our trips using e-visa without any extra visa hassles.

If you are going to arrive to Russia in 2020 or for more than 16 days in 2021, you can use our blogpost “How to get a Russian tourist visa: a quick guide”.


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