Exploring the possibilities for a winter trip to Altai

Feb 27, 2020

The idea of designing a winter tour to Altai has been in our minds for a long time, and finally we made some progress. Not only we discussed a lot about it, but we actually went out there and a few days ago we returned from a FAM trip to Altai. We explored guest houses, found better ones and finally discovered the ones that fits our travelstyle the best. We visited a lot of locations, known highlights but also unknown places, enjoyed the most interesting sights and engrossing activities available in severe Siberian wintertime.

As a result, we were once again convinced what we knew from the beginning – Altai is wonderful at any time of the year and we want to show it to our guests, since all the opportunities for it are there. Shining snowbanks, fairy forest paths, green ice-free rivers, frozen rivers, transparent ice sculptures of Lake Teletskoye as well as activities like cross-country skiing, husky sledging, snowshoes’ walks, Russian banya and much more. Now we have to make a selection which of this outstanding opportunities will fit in our plans for a new winter tour!

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