Back from our successful first trip of this year

May 8, 2018

Last week we returned from our first trip of this year.

Altai is wonderful and impressive as always. We were happy to witness the awakening of nature in Siberia. The first green grass, the first buds on the trees and of course the first flowers. Though higher in the mountains it was still winter and the rivers were covered with ice.

It is a nice time when domestic animals just gave birth and you can see cute babies of sheep, goats, horses, yaks and cows and their tender communication with caring moms. We like to stay for the night at the home of a local woman who has a big livestock and we enjoy watching the domestic animals. Besides, behind the house usually a couple of cranes are walking, this year we even saw them during their very interesting balts and black storks pay a visit early in the morning.

Arriving at the Sailugem park visit center in Chagan Burgazy feels as coming home, our stay in Sailugem national park was again full of meetings with wild animals and birds – ground squirrels, marmots, fox, argali (mountain sheep) and Alpine ibex. This time the argali were really close to us, there were 2 groups – one group mothers with small children and another with young males. As usual there were a lot of birds like kites, eagles, magpie and different kinds of crows.
Because the roads in Sailugem park often go across or along rivers and rivers were still under ice, we got a lot of experience in driving on the ice and even with ice breaking down).

Early May is the time of fascinating blossoming of Ledebur Rhodedondron which paints the Altai mountains in purple and violet colours. Unfortunately, we had to return in the very beginning of the blossoming and saw only the first sole bushes. But even solo bushes were very beautiful and inspiring.

The main aim of our trip was to study possibilities for the building of a bird watching hide. The place chosen by the rangers of Sailugem park proved to be successful for observing kites, vultures and eagles. Early this summer we are going to build the hide and continue observing birds and make pictures of course. In the summer of 2019 we will start organizing phototours together with Bart Fotografie.

Of course we will inform you about our progress of the built and if you want to know more, follow our news and you will stay up to date about this project.





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