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Feb 17, 2019

Although we all speak multiple languages, this winter the team of Kaichi Travel is carried away by learning 3 foreign languages – German, Russian and Altaian. Each of us is busy with his own language.

As Jaap spends the whole summer in Russia and has plans to move to Russia, he studies Russian. What’s funny – he is tought Russian in English by a Kazakh teacher.

This year we will have 4 groups of tourists from Germany. So it becomes necessary for Jenya to speak with tourists in German. She has lessons with her mom, who worked as a German language teacher in school.

And Lena learns Altaian language. So she will be able to communicate with local people in the mountains during our trips. Though most of them speak Russian pretty well but they look much happier if you say some words in their language. Besides we think, it will help us to understand better the culture and traditions of Altaian people. Lena takes lessons from an Altaian lady who is an author of Russian-Altaian textbooks.

All 3 languages are completely different, each of them belongs to a separate language group – Germanic, Turkic and Slavic. But it makes the process of learning more interesting for us –   to exchange new words and speak one phrase in 3 variants. We do enjoy the learning and hope will be able to talk a bit this summer.

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