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Jun 9, 2017

We were really lucky with the weather in our trip to Altai in the end of May. We enjoyed sunny warm days, not too hot, not too cold.
As this trip was not strictly tightened up with the schedule, we had the possibility to look around and stop where we noticed something interesting or unusual.

So we explored really outstanding sites which we had passed by before – ancient smelting furnace, giant current ripple marks, Chuya River’s rapids, stelas and petroglyphs of Scythian times and many others. We spent several days in the Kurai steppe, watched a small tornado and even got up at 4.30 to enjoy the sunrise on the North-Chuya ridge. Besides all that we visited 2 local museums in the small villages of the Chuya Steppe which have rather unique exhibit items. For example, in the museum in Kokorya village there is a mummified head and part of the arm of a warrior of the Hun-Sarmatian period. His arrows and quiver are very well preserved. And of course, a talk with the local museum curator is always a pleasure and treasure of information about history, culture and traditions of these sites.

So we will expand our trip itineraries to show our guests as many interesting places as possible.


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