First trip of 2017

May 7, 2017

Last week we made our first trip of this year to Altai. Of course, we visited a lot of familiar places as we have already been travelling here for over 20 years, but even now we found some new, interesting places which we hadn’t visit yet.

Altai was again very kind to us, we started with about 26 °C in Gorno-Altaisk. Following the Chuisky tract we had great fun again seeing the Seminsky and Chikataman passes, although there we noticed still a lot of snow.

As this trip was not only for fun, but also to visit some new places, we met our guide Valerii. He showed us around in his valleys. Again we were very impressed by the wildness and beauty of this area. Coming trips we will visit this place again and will enjoy the nature and we sure hope to meet the Pallas’s cat (Manul) or the Snowleopard (which will be unique of course but no guarantees). In any case we will find their tracks there as Valerii already showed them to us.
So, don’t hesitate and join us for the experience of your life!


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