Sailugem trip 2016

Aug 16, 2016

Hi All,

We are back from our trip “Explore the wild nature of Sailugem park” and it was a success.
As all our trips, we started with a concert of a Kai in the evening, which was very entertaining and educational.
In Kyzyl-chin we had a surprise. In May during our last visit it was deserted and nothing or nobody there. Now there was a complete new campsite J. We discussed the situation with the manager and to preserve the beautiful place he decided to close the possibility to drive around by car (really we don’t understand why somebody would do that but there were a lot of tracks there). Seems “Mars on earth” is becoming popular.

We visited Kindyktykul lake and explored the surroundings by foot and by car.

It is a very nice location and during a hike up the mountain, we were surprised by a passing monk vulture (more info about the monk vulture), luckily enough I could make some pictures of it while we were at the same altitude J
Specially our days in the Sailugem park were exceptional. We saw a lot of animals like fox, marmots, hoopoo, ground squirrels, different raptors including the rare Lammergeier or Bearded vulture (more info about the bearded vulture) and we got a concert from the wolves in Arkut. They were hauling 50 meters from our location.
Our guide Valeriy helped us to find and see many animals. His eyesight is really remarkable. Sometimes we spent more than 15 minutes to find the mountain goats which he already noticed while he was driving the car (mind you, we stopped, used the binoculars and still didn’t see them).

For the people that are interested in joining one of our trips next year, we are working on a new trip and early October we will scout some locations for it. So in the second half of October the new trip and the final schedule for next year will be available.


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