Understanding the weather

Jun 7, 2019

As most people know, travelling in the mountains is never without risks. Of course, we take precautions before we go on trips deep into the mountains. Our cars get regular maintenance, we take spare tyres, a second battery, tools, a small air compressor, and a satellite phone. At the start of our trips we always give instructions about our safety rules to our guests.

But one thing you can not change is the weather. Especially in the mountains, a hot sunny day can change to a severe thunderstorm in a few minutes or the temperature can drop from 25 C in the day to -7 C in the night.

Though there are some ways to understand the weather to prepare yourself. On 25th May we attended a workshop about the weather in the mountains. Surviking.nl together with alpenweerman.nl organised a one-day training about the weather in relation to outdoor activities. Different topics were explained like recognizing weather patterns, dangerous weather like thunderstorms, reading weather maps, recognizing clouds and what it can mean, winds, equipment, weather apps, and more.

The whole day was organised very well. The trainers were well informed about the topics. The location and the catering were great. We didn’t get only theoretical training, but also some practice as we went to the Soesterduinen in the afternoon.

This workshop will help us to give our guests a better and safer experience in the Altai mountains.


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