Dec 1, 2020

Winter has come! Congratulations! And here, in Altai, on the first day of calendar’s winter, nature got dressed up – trees put on white coats, rivers added sparkling ice and sun made everything shining. We had a nice walk in the forest to enjoy this day.

Altai in winter is wonderful. And this year we start our winter programs. One trip is already on our site, and the second one is being designed. We decided not to go very deep to the mountains as winter roads are not predictable, but to explore closer areas to the point of arrival. And they are absolutely not less beautiful.

Both trips are one week long – you arrive and departure the same day of the week. We will stay in 2 accommodations in order not to pack and unpack too often and every day will explore fascinating surroundings – frozen waterfalls, streaming ice rivers, wide Katun valleys or narrow taiga paths. And of course, activities – skiing, snowmobiles and huskie sledging!

We understand that now the situation is still complicated with travel abroad and Russia’s borders are still closed but please keep our trips in mind for the winter of 2021/2022.

For our trips in this current winter, we invite all foreigners to our trips who are in Russia now, expats and temporarily working! Visit Altai and discover the real Russian winter!


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