World Wildlife Day

Mar 3, 2018

March, 3 is the World Wildlife Day. This year it is celebrated under the theme “Big cats: predators under threat”.

The major part of our trips takes place in wild, untouched natural areas. We like it that we have the possibility to see wild animals in their natural habitat and capture all this in photographs or film.

The Altai region is a real center of biodiversity of animals. It is the habitat for rare and endemic species, including the legendary snow leopard, argali, lynx, Pallas’s cat and many others.

Usually during our trips we meet a lot of marmots and ground squirrels, foxes or corsacs, argalis, ibexes, sables and a great variety of birds including vultures and eagles. Though we havent seen snow leopards with our own eyes yet, we were happy to find their visits in the wildcams we checked.

During our trips we do our best to leave no trace in the nature where we have been.


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